Top 10 Yummy Veggy Recipes

6. Kangkong and Tofu in Oyster Sauce Recipe

kangkong and tofu


2 bundles kangkong (water spinach) washed, hard stems removed
1 package firm tofu, cubed
4 tbsp oyster sauce
6-8 cloves garlic, chopped
vegetable oil

1.) Open your package of tofu, drain, and squeeze out as much moisture as possible.
2.) Cut the tofu into uniform cubes or chunks.
3.) Heat cooking oil in a wok.
4.) Fry tofu cubes in oil (enough to coat bottom of pan) until browned on all sides.
5.) Remove “done” pieces from wok. Set aside.
6.) Using the same wok, saute garlic.
7.) Add the fried tofu and kangkong.
8.) Cook until kangkong is tender.
9.) Add the oyster sauce.
10.) Stir until sauce is well incorporated with fried tofu cubes and kangkong.
11.) Serve with warm rice and enjoy!


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