Quick and Easy Yema Balls Recipe

Yema Balls recipe video:

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We Filipinos are fond of sweets, perhaps the region that always treat our sweet tooth, Bulacan has introduced a new way to enjoy desserts. They began making and selling this called yema to their market that comes with different size, shapes, forms, and flavors. However, every version of it is made from the main ingredient which is the milk and sugar. Now you don’t have to go to Bulacan just to have yourself a yema, fortunately you can just do it yourself on your home with this quick and easy yema balls recipe. Surely you will enjoy preparing this recipe especially if you already love yema. Or perhaps invite your kids to help you prepare this. Using ingredients like egg yolks, white sugar, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla essence, you can make this sweet delicious treat. A perfect dessert to pair on any food or meal, or have this for snack. Anyhow, you will enjoy this creamy, savory yema balls.


6 egg yolks
1/2 kilo white sugar
1 can sweetened condensed milk (14oz)
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

Yema Balls


1. In a frying pan, combine sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks and vanilla essence. Mix well and bring to a boil in low heat.
2. Stir constantly as if you are scraping the bottom of the pan to prevent mixture from burning.
3. The mixture is ready when its texture is not too soft nor too hard.
4. Refrigerate the mixture for 30 minutes to cool it down and so that it will be easier for you to form balls from it.
5. When the mixture cooled down, form balls from it using your palms.
6. Roll the balls on wide a plate with white sugar for coating.
7. Optional: Wrap the balls in cellophane before serving.
8. Enjoy your yema balls!

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